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Become a Fashion designer

Is fashion designing a good career?

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Fashion designing is one of the highly creative and in demand careers in the world.

Become a Fashion designer in India

Wondering how to start a career in fashion designing?

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Types of Fashion Designers?

There are many different types of fashion designers

costume designer

textile designer

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Types of Fashion Designers?

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Textile designer will design different fabrics and dyes to bring out the color and texture of clothing. So, when seeking a career in fashion designing.

Types of Fashion Designers?

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Most designers are in the costume designer category because they will be supplying the garment and accessories needed for an outfit

Fashion designing scope and salary in India

One of the most important factors for a fashion designer to get into the industry is the price. average rate that a fashion designer..

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Fashion Designing course in India

You can start your career in this field by joining any college or university that teaches fashion design courses and programs or by going for a course.

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Top 10 skills required to be fashion designer in India?

1. Creative thinking
2. problem solving
3. keen eye for detail
4. keen ear for music

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