How to score full marks in maths cbse10th board exam 2022?

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10th Board Exams: Tips to score full marks in Maths

Currently, CBSE has announced the datasheet of the 10th board exam 2022 and now the exam is almost knocking at the door. In this last time of revision, certain tips and tricks play a crucial role in enhancing your ultimate performance in the exam.Here I am going to give a short overview how you can score full marks in maths.

10th Board Exams Tips to score high in Maths

It can’t be denied that Mathematics is a very scoring subject and can affect the overall percentage of your class 10. Probably this is the only subject where you can score 100 out of 100 as well as drop you to 0 if you don’t take this subject seriously. Scoring marks in mathematics is easy if you put some additional effort and follow some major steps into it. Mathematics is all about calculation and critical thinking, so grasping the concepts plays a significant role. Some students think that mugging up the formulas and studying a few months before the exam will help them fetch good marks but let me tell you this is just an illusion; it is not going to support you anymore if you don’t have logical reasoning and analytical approach. Maths is a subject that is all about solving different levels of questions and practicing more and more in a consistent manner. In this article, we discuss some of the important Maths exam tips which will definitely help students in their preparation in the last time and perform better in the examination hall.
11 useful tips to score full marks in class 10th board exam

Familiar with the exam pattern

Know the exam pattern at the beginning of the academic session because this will help you to make you familiar with the question pattern being asked in the exam like very short answer questions, short answer questions, long answer questions, and the blueprint (section-wise marks distribution).

Know the current syllabus

It is very important to know your CBSE class 10 maths syllabus before you start your preparation because every year there are some changes in the syllabus so make sure to go through the revised syllabus minutely. It will also help to set up a proper plan for your study and the time you should devote to each chapter. Moreover, this will support you to complete the syllabus much earlier so that you have enough time to revise the complete syllabus multiple times.

Make a Formula sheet

Make sure to prepare a formula notebook where you are supposed to note down the important formula of all the chapters and revise it on a daily basis. This will enhance your speed while solving problems.

Focus on your textbook (NCERT).

If you want to score well in the CBSE class 10th board exam then don’t neglect your NCERT books because the board paper contains maximum questions from NCERT you can analyze this from previous year papers. Do not forget to do miscellaneous exercises as this will help you to master NCERT. Also do solve all the theorems of NCERT. They are really important for boards.

Reference books or Additional Study material

If you want to score more than 90% in mathematics then you have to solve the NCERT book along with a reference book like RS Aggarwal Class 10 And RD Sharma. Since it covers all the important concepts from all other books.  You can mark those questions which you feel are important or you were not able to solve them in your first attempt so that you practice them during your board exam because it is obviously not possible to go through every question during that time.

Solve PYQ And Sample paper

Make a habit to solve at least one previous year’s question(paper) on a daily basis, it will help you get familiar with the types of questions being asked in the exam. After finishing your paper do check its step-wise solution minutely and analyze it where you need to improve, although if your final answer is right and you skip one of the steps in between then you will not get full marks because CBSE follows step-wise marking. Moreover, time management is very crucial especially in mathematics, so try to finish the paper in the allotted time.

Revise previously completed chapter

Revision is always a crucial part of Learning. If you don’t do revision then you can’t remember the things properly and there is a chance that you will make mistakes. So do revise all the revisions thoroughly of all the chapters and pay extra attention to those topics which carry more weightage.

Group Study

Studying in a group is always effective in every exam. Discussing the topics with friends makes things simpler and you can’t forget things for a longer run. So select the right friends and discuss the topic you are facing.

Tips to score high in Maths cbse  10th board exam

Take a short break while studying for longer hours

Sometimes when we study for longer times (> 5-6 hours) it is suggested to take a short break because concentrating for a longer duration makes learning difficult, so if you take a break ultimately it will boost your efficiency. If you are practicing sample paper, make a habit to finish it within allotted hours without any break. This will help you in the examination hall.

Start with an easy problem

This is applicable to almost every subject. Starting with easy problems will build your confidence level. If you start with a difficult one there are more chances that you get stuck in between and you don’t have enough time to solve the one you know very well. To quickly solve the one you are confident enough.

Keep an extra focus on Graphical question

These types of questions generally consist of higher marks so make sure to draw the Graph perfectly and don’t forget to mention all the important labels. Graphical questions take more time to draw so always keep extra time for such questions.

 Make sure to give a proper presentation of your answer sheet from the beginning. Avoid overwriting and leave blank spaces on the right side of your answer sheet for rough work.


If you follow all these steps, I think no one can stop you from achieving full marks in your maths board exam and stay calm during the day of your board exam.

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