Why You Need to Read NCERT Books for Board Exams 2024?

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A platform of academia that is imparting knowledge to students, has been known for ensuring that quality and up-to-date textbooks are present for students. From time to time CBSE students, aspire to get ahead in their career paths.

Why NCERT Books are Best for CBSE Board Exams?

Why You Need to Read NCERT Books for Board Exams

There are many reasons why students wish to read books that include updates of CBSE’s books. Hence, it was planned to find out more about students’ interests, aptitude, and interest in reading books from NCERT’s range.

Their process focuses on giving input from teachers, parents, administrators, teachers, advisors, etc. The students were, from time to time, directed to NCERT books to make them more attentive and enthusiastic in their study habits. NCERT books were, in general, found to be a meaningful and useful source of information and would add value to students.

The NCERT’s books seem to be, in general, enriching and informative books. The students from the NCTC and CBSE are highly likely to be interested in reading NCERT books for the CBSE board exams. NCERT’s books were found to be quite stimulating to students’ interest with their academic track records.

NCERT books also include more than 4 lakh words and have captivating illustrations in artwork, icons, timelines, etc. Apart from this, CBSE books are distributed on the doorstep, wherein students are mainly asked to read the books at home.

For many students from CBSE schools, studying for the CBSE Board Exam using CBSE books would provide an ideal learning environment.

 Why to study from NCERT books for board Exams

  • NCERT manuals are important and play an important role in the preparation of NEET and other manuals and materials.
  • Over the years students have found that NCERT books are more comprehensive and supportive compared to other books. NCERT is the best way to clear your foundation and concepts in all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Once the foundation is clear, scoring goals in NEET has become easier for anyone. A good way to do this is to read the NCERT books for Class XI and XII.

A simple strategy that can be embraced by those who wish is to prepare from NCERT textbooks and apply all new concepts and topics taught in school. It is very important for the person seeking medical help to cover the entire syllabus on time and to review it thoroughly in the NCERT textbooks.

No matter how much you study, hitting the best marks seems to be a daunting task for every CBSE board student. One simple and easy way to get the tests is to carefully study the NCERT books determined by the board itself.

The simple and concise language will help you to clarify your doubts and apply them to the test. Also, that’s how you can stand out from the crowd and get the highest marks in the CBSE exam.

  • Over 40% of NEET questions come from NCERT books, including each of the three significant subjects. (PCM).
  • NCERT books are exceptionally useful and easy to follow, particularly about Physics and Biology. Understudies normally discover these books simpler to understand ideas, when stood out from books from various appropriations. Alongside concentrating on materials from different sources, understudies getting ready for NEET should follow NCERT books of classes XI and XII (the most recent version if conceivable).
  • Studying NCERT books completely guarantees that the ideas are perfectly clear. There are many questions provided in order to check the grasping level of the students. With clear ideas, scoring good marks will be simpler.
  • NCERT books are not just considered as best review materials for CBSE board tests yet it is very beneficial for the toughest entrance exam of our countries like JEE mains, JEE advance, NEET, and some more.
  • As far as discussing the clearing concept, NCERT books incorporate the essentials of the multitude of points that assist you with reinforcing your basics. A solid crucial can assist you with getting top to bottom information on that subject
  • It can save your time NCERT books are written in exceptionally simple language. It depicts complex ideas in an exceptionally basic manner. It includes just the central issues of the themes. In this way, it assists understudies with understanding a mind-boggling point in less measure of time.
  • Most of the topics of the block test are picked straightforwardly from the NCERT book The NCERT books of each subject contain some significant exercise inquiries toward the finish of sections.
  • Exercise questions are observed to be in different structures, for example, Multiple-decision questions, fill-in-the-spaces, Descriptive sort questions just as mathematical. Moreover, every section contains some tackled model issues of each significant theme.
  • It is seen from the earlier year’s inquiry papers that CBSE gives a lot of direct inquiries from both tackled models and exercise issues. Remember to rehearse these inquiries assuming you need to score well in the board test.
  • No matter how much effort you put into preparing for the exams, you need to review and do enough to memorize everything you’ve learned. During the review, you should resolve all the questions given in that assignment following each chapter. Once you have done this, you will be an expert in answering any questions during the test. You should also practice writing these questions in the same language followed by the NCERT textbooks.
  • Not only do these books cover the entire CBSE curriculum, but they also help you to consolidate your basic knowledge in all subjects. Once your basic knowledge is clear, nothing can stop you from answering questions of any difficulty level during the test.
  • The best way to prepare for any final exam or board exam is to study the NCERT literature thoroughly and understand all the concepts. These books are recommended by CBSE itself to reduce the burden on all children. They do not need to refer to any other books as the books organized by NCERT are filled with enough information that children need.
  • The exercises given at the end of the chapters in the NCERT textbooks are very important. If you follow the textbooks hard and practice all the questions once you have gone through the whole chapter. You will be fully prepared to take on all the upcoming tests.
  • Each NCERT book contains relevant and accurate information about every important topic in your syllabus. So, if you are having difficulty understanding any complex subject NCERT textbooks are considered the best reading material for every CBSE board student.

    You do not need to refer to any index while preparing for the test. These books contain all the important information, formula, and questions that will prepare you for the exam.
  • According to NCERT, students have some difficulty during their studies, so no additional CBSE board test papers will be sent to any CBSE students without funding and the provision of optional details and certification. Basic instruction is mandatory only when additional CBSE board test books are compulsory but all additional CBSE board test materials must be included as optional and optional information by CBSE.
  • NCERT provides a range of expanded research materials such as a long curriculum, tests, notes, cards, paper, display board, study list, flyer, conference, and colouring paper, CDs, resources, and a handbook among other things.
  • Whether it’s a normal EXAM or even a board exam, NCERT books focus on normal subjects and their respective learning methods. This would be not only a study guide for CBSE Board Exam but also for any future academic paper. NCERT textbooks focus more on research, theory-based topics, team effort, vocabulary, and quantitative concepts.


It is safe to use additional textbooks or reference books for detailed information. NCERT textbooks should be the first choice for students to study for CBSE boards. NCERT textbooks will not only help students in getting good marks in their exams but also boost their preparation for the different entrance exams. NCERT textbooks are the best way to study your exams and will help students grasp complex topics quickly and easily.

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